Do you or your clients replicate real-estate across the globe?

From open plan trading floors, to executive conference rooms. IT business suites to data centres.

Real-estate that needs to adhere to exact design standards.

A Single Sign-on platform, compatible across multiple devices. Connecting office based, home based, or site based users. Anywhere in the world.

Centrepoint bridges the gap between workplace standards and construction quality.

Request a demo and transform the way you deliver construction real-estate.

Developing software to increase productivity across the design and construction of global real estate.

Why choose Centrepoint?

CentrePoint is an easy-to-use, interactive web-based platform that acts as a secure, source of truth portal for a client’s design intent.

Our competitive advantage

The primary function of CentrePoint is to increase productivity across the design and construction of global real estate. This is achieved by enabling Clients, professionals, and project teams to collaborate and interact via 3D visualisations without any specialist experience or hardware.

By better visualising the interpretation of a design and providing users the quick-access tools to detailed information and downloadable content, teams can become self-sufficient, more productive and pro-active.

At the same time quality and consistency of project installations can increased.

Putting you in control

CentrePoint provides layers of management and control over a client’s design intent, ensuring information is fully coordinated at every level, from global regions down to individual products whilst only the relevant and latest information is being shared.

Integration with industry-leading 2D and 3D platforms, CentrePoint provides clear, simple toolsets which enable clarity and confirmation of design intent.

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Typical problems we solve for our customers

Inefficient deployment of Workplace or Data Centre Standards.
  • “Too many large documents to read in detail”
  • “What’s the latest version?”
  • “Standards have changed mid-project, what do we build to?”
Misinterpretation of Scope, which leads to non-standard builds or costly change orders.
  • “Language barriers are causing confusion”
  • “Varying quality of Vendors”
  • “We will do what we did last time”
Misaligned standards across Regions lead to ‘frustration, mistakes, inefficiency and ultimately confusion’.
  • “EMEA, APAC and NA work in Silo”
  • “Multiple documents and versions to maintain”
Unnecessary meetings, emails and answering repetitive questions across multiple projects.
  • “What height should it be installed at?”
  • “What’s the correct part no.?”
  • “Where does the containment need to be?”

3D visualisation

CentrePoint provides an interactive easy-to-use 3D view of any standard Client
environment, providing detailed representation and interrogation of Technology Standards.

And supports Revit and many other industry recognised 3D formats.

How our clients benefit

Customer X

  • Improving efficiency for accelerated growth
  • Early stage technical and development partner
  • Proven to provide clear interpretation of project requirement
  • Due to ongoing success, we have integrated additional tools to the CentrePoint platform; Such as Project Lockdown.

Software house

  • Productivity is up, maximising worker resource
  • Improving the consistency of their deployment to Global Standards
  • Finding the relevant and current information quickly
  • Reduction of workers hours in meetings and emails going over repeated conversations and Standards information

Travel company

  • Design, consultancy and production of Global IT, Desking and AV Standards
  • Increasing productivity of Project Management Team
  • Fluid onboarding process for contract and permanent staff
  • Utilising CentrePoint’s Professional Services team to produce global IT/AV design packs for live projects, from Concept through to contract award.

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Typical users

A sample of our typical users are listed below. Typically, there are two deployment methods either direct to end-user teams who own the system and data but allow collaborators to access the system.

Alternatively, the system can be deployed by service partners who own the system and data and allow their end-users access, thus providing added value to their services.

Data centres Or End User Stakeholder Teams

Property Owners

Consultant Teams

Professional Client Teams

Project Teams




Meet the team

CentrePoint is the brainchild of 4 entrepreneurial directors. Individually, they have built their own successful businesses that specialise in the design and fit-out industry for global technology clients.

CentrePoint combines over 40 years of industry experience and was formed in 2018 as a self-funded UK start-up.

Rob Brown

Rob Brown


Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis


Greg Jones

Greg Jones


Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall


So, if you or your customers roll-out design standards for global real-estate. CentrePoint could transform your business. Book a demo now