3D printing expected to transform architecture and construction

In the Netherlands, 60 miles east of Amsterdam, there is a small village called Teuge, where they are building what will soon be home to the first 3D-printed concrete meeting space called The Meeting Factory. The 92 SQM  structure is one of many projects starting to come together through this process. 

3D-printing is lauded as a faster, environmentally-friendly, and more affordable method of construction. With the technology still maturing and the process trying to reconcile concerns with building codes, the growth in popularity has been slow to come. However, many projects have proven the efficacy of large-scale 3D-printed concrete structures.

Another recent example is The U.S. Marine Corps has 3D-printed a 45 SQM  concrete barracks hut, with an eye to robots eventually building military structures on demand. And last month, two companies announced a 3D-printed homebuilding system called We Print Houses, which they intend to license to builders and contractors around the U.S.

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