3D Printing: the future of construction


With advancements in technology and automation rapidly changing the way we work. The construction industry is no exception and is steadfastly utilising modern tech. One of the most exciting technologies revolutionising construction is 3D printing. In a short space of time, 3D printing has evolved from the ability to print plastic, geometric shapes on your desktop printer to be able to print the entire building your desk is in. Several companies around the world are developing 3D printers that can print a concrete structure at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional building methods.

Eindhoven University of Technology is currently researching new adoptions of this technology and have embarked on a project to print a complex of 5 homes in the Netherlands. This is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2019.

Source: TU Eindhoven

Additionally, New Story and ICON have collaborated on a project to use 3D printed homes to provide quick and affordable housing solutions in developing countries. With a build time under 24 hours and cost of $4,000 (~£3,000) for a 650 ft2 (~60 m2) home, this technology has now moved forward and is being utilised and starting to fulfil its potential. Check out how 3D printing a home works, watch the video below.


Source: Tech Insider

Another technology that has been moving forward at high speed in the construction market is mobile applications. Collab – Advisors Centrepoint App is streamlining the construction industries by centralising the needs of the project managers, architects, contractors and consultants into one convenient app. A process that streamlines communication and saves time, money and reduces mistakes.

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