Augmented Reality: The Future of Building


The Augmented Reality market is expected to reach $60,55 billion by 2023 and the technology is rapidly changing the way architects and engineers work.

Virtual, Augment and Mixed Reality technologies have been moving pretty fast in the last few years from their most commonly known gaming and entertainment space into successful business use cases, including smart city planning.

In the construction industry, immersive technology can help in the development of smart cities with Augmented Reality becoming an integral part of the construction process.
Cities collect huge amounts and data. Augmented Reality can make that data visible. Using AR, architects can find a more creative and straightforward way to show urban planners how their projects are going to look like in real life by creating an engaging visualization, triggering faster decision making.

It can be building a new transportation centre or the next skyscraper in a city; in all cases using Augmented Reality makes the job easier.

Now with the help of Augmented Reality platforms for business, it is easy to design smart city projects. enabling professionals such as builders and architects to leverage budding technology. Projects can be visualized before building it which avoids a lot of mistakes.

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