Benefits Of BIM for Contractors


BIM (Building Information Modelling) utilizes 3D visual representation to plan, design, and collaborate during the construction lifecycle. Similar to other construction technology, BIM has been around for a while but is starting to gain traction with mainstream construction.

With advancements of mobile devices and cloud-based software facilitating the adoption of technology by contractors. Adoption of BIM by contractors is increasing as more contractors are looking for ways to deliver projects faster and better.

Designers utilize BIM software to create 3D models for buildings. With many contractors utilizing BIM for infrastructure projects also. BIM is essentially more than just a drawings and model design tool. It provides value to contractors when thought of as the process of building. BIM as a process brings all the stakeholders together to communicate around the model.

With the model as the center point of a project, BIM benefits contractors by facilitating a more collaborative building process.

BIM comes to life as more than a 3D model.

BIM benefits contractors by creating a model full of data and project information. The foundation of every successful construction project is the ability to capture, share and manage information seamlessly. By Utilizing BIM along with a common data environment this creates a center point for all project information to facilitate a process for smart building.

Contractors work more effectively when provided with the most amount of data and details that 3D models provide. Similarly, during the construction process, contractors enter their own information in terms of product information and job site activity within the common data environment.

If there are any questions, contractors can enter RFIs or Change Orders directly into the model for architects to review. The collaboration within the model provides direct communication between subcontractors, architects, and owner, for quick decision-making and less rework.

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