BIM & Virtual Reality


The breakthrough into the mainstream of Virtual reality in the past few years has taken it from being a novelty in gaming to a technology with many practical uses. It’s now being used as part of both training and treatment within medicine, collaborative working from different locations and even within recruitment to virtually test a candidates abilities in a job. Architecture and construction has also started to use VR with it’s implementation into BIM.

A good example of this would be Autodesk adding VR support to Revit in the form of Revit Live. Providing Revit user with support for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. This allows you to wear a headset and explore 3D visualisations in virtual reality. Not only is this a visually impressive technology, it has several practical uses. It gives a user friendly and natural way to view every aspect of a 3D model. Allowing the user to check for mistakes, get a sense of scale and view changes in real-time.

It is also an excellent tool to show projects to clients in a way in which the end result is much easy to envisage.

Once the 3D visualisation and other stages of preparation are complete and the build is ready to start, technology can again play a big role in assisting. The Centrepoint app from Collab streamlines the building process by centralising the needs of the project managers, architects, contractors and consultants into one convenient app. A process which saves time, money and reduces mistakes.

Souce: Autodesk

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