Collab Advisor Website Launch


Here at Collab Advisor we are dedicated about speaking out about our products and communciating with the industry. Today we have launched our new website in line with our attendance at the ISE event in amsterdam at the start of Febuary.

Collab Advisor was co-founded by entrepreneurs Robert Brown, Dylan Lewis and Greg Jones, all experienced professionals operating businesses within Construction, Project Delivery and Design. The Company was formed in early 2018 to improve collaborative working practices in global construction & real estate projects using digital technologies.

“Having experienced the same sticking points time and time again working to deliver projects successfully with our existing clients; we felt there was a real need and opportunity to improve these processes. Our idea was to create an online platform that could show an entire project team all the information they would need for a build in a clear visual format, allow them to collaborate effectively with their team through the project life cycle and at the appropriate times and to make this accessible on multiple devices whilst connected securely online.

After nearly a year of research and development; working through the many challenges to achieve our vision, we have now launched CentrePoint. An online platform with the ability to show every phase of a build in 3D from multiple angles. A central point for collaboration between a cross-functional team through a project’s life cycle. And a verstile tool that integrates every last detail of a company’s global standards.

We are now working on new stand alone applications as well as Addins to extend the functionality and potential of the CentrePoint platform.

At Collab we are committed to providing and developing tools to improve and enable global businesses to shape, control and build their global real estate via applications that allow for a simplified methodology of working practices in the construction field.

Want to know more about Collab and what we are working on? why not get in contact with up today.


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