Construction Technology


As economies continue to grow, the need for new innovative technology has become essential in the construction space . 

New technologies and trends are continuing to keep up with this increasing demand and are constantly evolving in terms of adoption and usage. 

Many large construction companies have now started to use multiple technologies in their daily activities from the boardroom to the construction site, with the majority of focus on software for digital collaboration. 

As some construction companies have traditionally struggled in deploying new tools at scale, the RoI  can make some of these companies wary of exploring other technologies, especially ones that need substantial innital investment. Many companies are looking  into  various tools for helping them with on-site execution. Tools like augmented reality, cloud technology, construction management software, drone, BIM, robotics and 3D printing are increasingly used in the field and delivering signinificant RoI. 

The services sector has created many start-ups that are aiding these companies with field productivity, safety monitoring and quality control. Also with digital collaboration, companies are looking into using technologies for document management, contract management, design management and performance management. With these technologies are also implemented for back-office integration.

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