Future uses for AI in the Construction industry


As the construction industry rapidly advances, the introduction of AI into construction software is on the cusp of allowing companies to experiment more with building design and the construction management process. Researchers has identified four key areas where AI can be an asset to your Build.

Planning with AI

At the start of the planning process, whilst plans are being made AI can be first introduced. Using autonomous equipment AI lined the machinery can be made to be aware of its surroundings and navigation without human input. In planning stages this would be an asset as the machinery could survey a proposed construction site and gather the correct information needed to create 3D maps, blueprints and construction plans.

Thus eliminating a process that can take a weeks to complete – With the introduction of AI this process could be completed in a matter of days with the right machinery. Helping save firms both time and money in the form of labour.

AI Project management 

Project Management is a job that was regularly carried out by physical workers, AI may be introduced to be able to control and manage a construction project. For example, workers can input sick days, vacancies and sudden departures from a project into a data system and AI could be used to adapt the project accordingly. AI could be made capable of understanding that with the inputted data the task must be moved to another employee capable of completing it and will do so on its own accord saving time on the project.

The project 

AI could also be good for communication, as a type of system that can help direct engineers with how to carry out specific projects and better their performance. For example, if engineers were working on a proposed new building AI systems would be able to advise and present a case for how the building should be constructed.

This would be based on past projects over the last 50 years, as well as verifying pre-existing blueprints for the design and implementation stages of the project. By having this information to hand, engineers can make crucial decisions based on evidence that they may not have previously had at their disposal.

Construction sites can be daunting, with huge structures and risky heights, but with the introduction of autonomous machines – workers can now be outside of the vehicle. Using sensors and GPS, the vehicle can calculate the safest route.


Once buildings have been constructed, whether they are used for commercial purposes or it is a development of new houses, AI systems can be used inside the structure to log any issues and collect data and manage energy resources. 

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