How CentrePoint is used throughout the Construction Process


CentrePoint is critical in improving the process of construction, with CentrePoint subcontractors who perform 80-100% of the labour are part of the process. Benefiting contractors throughout the construction process:

In Pre Construction

Owners and the design team align expectations directly with the subcontractors, to provide more accurate cost estimates and schedules. CentrePoint benefits for contractors include providing an accurate visual representation for the subcontractor to validate costs and manage risk. The team catches any design errors or omissions before construction starts to minimize rework.

During Construction

During the construction phase, CentrePoint serves as the information resource for the project team. The foreman and field team have access to the model for task assignment. All work completed will be updated to the model to show project progression. When the subcontractor enters labour productivity information, the team links CentrePoint to the schedule for better coordination and transparency on project progression. When any changes are made to the model, the entire team becomes fully aware of the cost and schedule implications of design changes.

Post Construction

Many subcontractors also provide service and maintenance on the systems they install. With CentrePoint, facility managers, contractors and service technicians can quickly resolve any issues by referring to the BIM Model. Detailed information about all the building components are within the model such as product information, model, and part number, etc. Facility managers can work alongside subcontractors to proactively maintain the building before parts break down. This allows owners to control the costs over the buildings life span not just during the construction phase.

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